Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Box

         Yes, you have guessed it. I have been playing with the box. I loved Hellraiser as a kid and Clive Barker was the king of gore. I thought there where so many possibilities on where to take the story, but as usual Hollywood fucked it up. Like so many things I loved as a child. (Can you say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.) Well not this time I'm going to remake it right. We start where every good story starts, At the beginning.
          The Box was originally made in china for a Chinese emperor in his quest for immorality.
But when he opened the box he was terrified by the horror's within and tried to have it destroyed, but he could not. And the Box made it's way to the wise king Solomon where he learned there where 72 demons locked away in The Box. Solomon in his wisdom figured out 72 keys that would protect him against each demon and wrote them down in The Lesser Key of Solomon and used the the key and The Box to do good. But as wars came and went The Box and key vanished into history.That is until our story. Be forward now Do Not Play With The Box! Let me say that one more time, Do Not Play With The Box!!
Things to look for in the next days.
1. The Box Stat Block  (A write up on Box powers and the like.)
2. Character  (Hans, maybe a little back story about how Hans got where he is?)

Be safe everyone.

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