Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Ideas.

Here are a few ideas from back in the day 2008. Ive seem to have moved on from these concepts but maybe one day will return to them and flesh them out. Next I'm starting work on my war in heaven. Been think a lot about it. My mind keeps going back to a game I used to play called War hammer 4000. It was great, had little miniatures you used to fight grand battles on a table top. But from what I remember it had this whole Roman Catholic theme going on. So maybe I'll start there.

Whats UP world?

Well here we are in NOV. and nothings changed but the weather. Living in this country as an artist sucks. I think maybe it's time to move on and broaden my horizons maybe look toward Europe or maybe Asia. Maybe I can find happiness there. Anyway here are the concepts I promised last month. It's been busy here at work I feel like a slave just working me life away to make someone else rich. Maybe I should say more like a wage slave. Life goes on I only hope I can make things better for my son, Luv you Joshua. This is the concept for my Napoleonic Cowboy game. This idea is on the back burner for know.