Monday, January 27, 2014

This is for Jennifer and all her luv and support.

Don't Forget this is a RPG/Turn base strategy game

Some you don't freak out on me just wanted to remind everyone this is a RPG turn based strategy game. And I want it to be as real as possible.

Need A Nap

OK here is the next effect I will be working on. Blood and Guts.

See yeah in a few hours have video editing to do tonight.

Hanns Krupp

OK guys here is Hanns Krupp the wizards apprentice. He is the one who steals the key and unlocks the demons with in. Hanns will transform through out the story into a lower demon.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't Play With The Box

 OK so I know I wanted animations but it's late and I am sleepy. So just remember Do not, I repeat Do not Play With The Box.

Be safe everyone. See you tomorrow.

Busy... Busy.. Busy..

OK I have been busy. Hopefully I can have you guys animations buy this morning.
   This is Hans the first member that I have completed from the Watchburg Mercenary Company,
and you guess it he has the box. Don't Play With the Box Hans, Rule number 1.

OK So what has Paxton been doing over the last month?

Here is where we stand today guys. Remember I'm a one man army, but I think I have figured out a way to get quicker results. Someone please comment it makes me feel good. :) What you are looking at is the Box model with it's uv maps and textures in place lights have been added along with candles, Yes we have candles. Yea !!!! This is two version of the same layout I did this afternoon.

The black was even a little to scary for me so I did a alternative cover. lol.

 I will be uploading stuff all night I hope. Think I have Hans completed and he is ready to say hello to the world. Be safe everyone.

The Box

         Yes, you have guessed it. I have been playing with the box. I loved Hellraiser as a kid and Clive Barker was the king of gore. I thought there where so many possibilities on where to take the story, but as usual Hollywood fucked it up. Like so many things I loved as a child. (Can you say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.) Well not this time I'm going to remake it right. We start where every good story starts, At the beginning.
          The Box was originally made in china for a Chinese emperor in his quest for immorality.
But when he opened the box he was terrified by the horror's within and tried to have it destroyed, but he could not. And the Box made it's way to the wise king Solomon where he learned there where 72 demons locked away in The Box. Solomon in his wisdom figured out 72 keys that would protect him against each demon and wrote them down in The Lesser Key of Solomon and used the the key and The Box to do good. But as wars came and went The Box and key vanished into history.That is until our story. Be forward now Do Not Play With The Box! Let me say that one more time, Do Not Play With The Box!!
Things to look for in the next days.
1. The Box Stat Block  (A write up on Box powers and the like.)
2. Character  (Hans, maybe a little back story about how Hans got where he is?)

Be safe everyone.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Little Brain Teaser !!!!

On The March Once Again !!!!

          So I have split with IBM. Thank god that night mare has ended. Lets just say my idea of a American icon is shattered and we will leave it at that. So the company is on the march again this time to a job where people can use my talent to it's fullest. But like I said I'm not feeling to confident about this country at the moment. I have been working with my Lesser Key of Solomon concept. An idea I started maybe two years ago and never got to develop (Thanks to IBM.) But we have been working with the last month. So I am posting some old work to reminder everyone of the original concept. So we can see where we started and where we are today. Brad if you reading this I should have your spy glass done in a couple of weeks. I plan to just model it along with the host of other props that I have to work on. I'm by myself so it takes a little longer. Anyway without further a due
welcome to the night mare that is THE LESSER KEY OF SOLOMON.

     OK So this was the original idea. A grim fantasy world (I mean grim. You know all that bad stuff you read about in books. people burning at the stake, peoples hanging limbs in trees, well that's all in this game. For you see I have come upon something in my inward search and that is truth is far more scarier then fiction.) Where the peasants are controlled by brutal nobles. Evil societies sacrifice babies. A world gone mad. Like today. ;) Into this mix we through the THE LESSER KEY OF SOLOMON a key that promises omnipotent power at a horrific cost. The game would be a mix of RTS and RPG you would control a group of guys or gang. And go off terrorizing the country side for good or ill it was to be left to you. (Fable ;) Magic is rear but humanity is in a renaissance of technology and architecture. Long gone are the elves and dwarfs but there ancestors can be seen in the little people (Hobbits). And there magic long forgotten, but still remains hidden deep with in forest's and far below ground. This was to be the world of  THE LESSER KEY OF SOLOMON.
I am a huge Warhammer fan. (A game for the rich.) And have a soft spot for the fantasy setting. I mean I grew up with it back in the 80's. So I am putting that in the mix for good measure. :)
 OK that was they original kind of idea I had. I love movie's like The Last Valley and Flesh and Blood. If you have not seen these I highly recommend them. They are old but fun films and should give you a little better idea of the era I'm shooting for. Here are the original character designs and concepts.


      OK So I think that was a good reflection on where we been. Next where we are going, stay tuned.
Be safe everyone.