Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Holloween!!!

Well it's October 31 and I still have a job =) I'm Loveing IBM what a great place to work. I've been working on some concepts for a fantasy based game. I'm thinking Legend of Zelda like, since that's my all time favorite game. But my only fear is that their are so many Fantasy based video games. So my ideas have moved to a more Christian theme. I would love to do something for my Lord since he has done so much for me. So maybe something late medieval with some Gothic horror elements. Castlevania comes to mind but I'm thinking Demons instead of vampires. I've been thinking of a name from a book someone brought to my attention "The Lesser Key Of Solomon". Maybe epic battles and dungeons don't really know where to go with it yet, but I'm sure something well come to mind. Anyway here are some concepts for the box cover.

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