Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IBM News

Well I've been at IBM for three months now. I like it, but I'm still working on game development for that is were my heart lies. So every night I get home I'm modeling and texture mapping. I've started to work with the Quake Army Knife level editor. Don't have any work from it yet, but I will post it as soon as I have some. I do have the Pilots that I've been working on. Me being an Air Force brat I love military air craft so a lot of my time has been developing military air craft. I'm thinking maybe a Ace Combat type mod or a Microsoft Flight Sim mod. My brother loves these games so if I can impress him then I know I'm on the right path (We will see.)
Any way the reason I've changed gears is that the more I think about it I would like to do something for my Father. He is retired Air Force and has give most of he's life to the repairing of jet engines. So this is for you Dad.
And besides my son loves airplanes too so I'm keeping him entertained.

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