Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello World!

Hi my name is Paxton J. Rochon and this is new for me. I never blogged before so here we go. The reason for this is I needed a place to display my work. For you see I am an artist with no way to show people what it is I do. So a friend of mine suggested I start a blog. It well take a little time to get the art work set up to display in this blog so please be patient. My work now a days is all video game related no more oil paintings or color pencil drawings I haven't done any kind of that work since 2000. So if you would like to see some of that work e-mail me and I well see what I can dig up.
Most recently my thoughts have turned to Japan, Feudal Japan to be exact. Samurai,ninja,geisha,and killer monks, oh my! I've almost finished the first of my samurai models and he well serve as the test for this blog. As I finish more work I'll post it here. Some of you maybe wondering why I just don't make a web site. Unfortunately I am a starving artist without a lot of disposable income. I don't make very much as a Bench Tech repairing computers. Well that's a little about me, have to go now talk to you guys soon.

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